Who we are

About Sravathi AI

  • Drug Discovery using AI/ML
  • In Silico Chemistry AI
Sravathi AI Technology Private Limited is an India based AI (Artificial Intelligence) start up located in Bangalore. Sravathi AI is focused on creating, discovering, and developing innovative advanced pharma and chemical products.
Sravathi AI’s raison d'être is scientific discovery and specifically to create, design, and develop drug molecules, chemicals, formulations, chemical reactions, polymers, catalysts, and other materials, in close partnership with internal and external partner companies specially in the areas of chemical synthesis, property measurement, in-vitro screening, and clinical trials.
We use Hybrid Intelligence, combining the brilliance of the human mind and domain expertise with innovative AI technology, to solve the most difficult problems. We have developed in-house proprietary AI algorithms that can make accurate predictions involving the vast and unexplored space of molecules and chemical reactions.